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Tandem operations for manufacturing coaxial cable units include new and unobvious methods and apparatus for laminating an outer conductor, for drawing an inner conductor, for applying plastic discs to the inner conductor and for corrugating the outer conductor. Laminating the outer conductor is accomplished by passing a copper, copolymer adhesive, steel sandwich through three pairs of heated rolls. The heated laminate is passed over a roller designed to impart a three-dimensional curvature to the laminate. Then, the laminate is advanced in the manufacturing atmosphere and over another roller to remove the three dimensional curvature while the heat is removed. This produces a laminate which is essentially stress-free although composed of dissimilar materials. The inner conductor is drawn to a final diameter by an ultrasonically vibrating drawing die within a liquid medium which acts as a lubricant and as a cleaner to form a clean, smooth inner conductor. The drawn inner conductor is threaded through a disc applicator where polyethylene discs punched from strips of material are attached to the inner conductor by cooperatively arranged punching and injection facilities. The laminate passes to a pair of dancer-controlled pull rolls designed to feed the laminate to the corrugator with no back tension. The laminate is corrugated with a special profile to provide required material take-up, flexibility, and hoop strength and so that the overlap side nests with the opposite side. The corrugated laminate and the disc-insulated inner conductor are then fed into a tube forming machine where the corrugated laminate is wrapped around the disc-insulated inner conductor with an overlap seam that is soldered or otherwise joined.

Methods of and apparatus for producing a stress-free laminate
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January 31, 1973
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July 6, 1976
Charles Henry Masters
E W Somers
Western Electric Company
B32B 31/14
B32B 31/06
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