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A surgical retractor comprises a frame on which a plurality of retractor arm mounting members are mounted for movement along the frame, and retractor arms are carried by the mounting members for movement of the arms transversely of the frame, and collapsible and extensible retractor blades are carried by the arms. The retractor blades include a plurality of blade sections having interengagable stops thereon to limit extension of the sections, and the stops are selectively movable to inoperative position to enable disassembly of the blade sections. The blades also are provided with flexible guards to prevent damage to flesh engaged by the blades and a finger tab to facilitate collapse and extension of the blades. Further, a "tailpiece" blade is carried by a retractor arm at an end portion of the frame, and the tailpiece blade is of one-piece construction and is configured to effectively engage flesh at the edge of an incision in a manner to prevent the lower edge of the blade from gouging the flesh and also to prevent the blade from "riding up" out of the incision. Moreover, a retractor blade mounting arm is provided which includes a pivotal section to facilitate mounting of a blade to the frame after other blades are in position, and also to permit an outer end portion of the arm to be pivoted out of the way of a surgeon.

Surgical retractor
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October 18, 1974
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June 29, 1976
William Kohlmann Gauthier
310 Codifer Blvd., Metairie, 70005
Shoemaker & Mattare
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A61B 17/02
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