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An encapsulating agent and a nutrient are admixed, and then the encapsulating agent is gelatinized or polymerized under high temperature and pressure so as to encapsulate the nutrient. The encapsulation allows the nutrient to be kept in a dry stabilized state for a long period of time without the loss of potency. Further the encapsulation allows the nutrients to be released into the digestive tract after a predetermined amount of time. The digestive tract solubilizes or digests the encapsulating agent thereby freeing the nutrient. Encapsulation is preferably conducted using a heated extruder or expander. The encapsulating agent may be a high protein vegetable composition, such as, wheat flour gluten, a grain flour or carbohydrate flour. The nutrients may be in particulate or liquid form and can be such things as vitamins, amino acids, lipids, enzymes, inorganic salts (minerals). Additives such as surfactants, can be incorporated into the admixture before the extruding step.

Preserved nutrients and products
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July 2, 1973
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June 8, 1976
Sol Katzen
Hanassi St., No. 62, Herzliya Fituach
Christen & Sabol
A23L 1/30
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