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Compressed peat moss is placed in a container and a seed tape is provided on top of the peat moss or individual seeds may be secured thereto by a layer of water soluble wax. The container may be sufficiently large enough to allow expansion of the peat moss when moisture is applied in preparation for use or the container may be comprised of telescopically interconnected sections which expand as the peat moss expands or tin foil capable of expanding with the peat moss. The application of water dissolves the wax and washes it away leaving the seeds to grow in the activated peat moss. The unused portion of the container above the compressed peat moss may be filled with edible foods such as candy or cheese which are removed prior to applying the water to the peat moss. A terrarium transparent dome may cover the container containing the peat moss seeds and edible food products. A tray for the food products on the peat moss may be removed and used as a watering tray.

Flower pot container for plant seeds in a dormant growing medium and method of preparing for storage and shipment and then using same
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May 15, 1975
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June 8, 1976
William Skaife
Zarley McKee Thomte & Voorhees
Springtime Flowers
B65D 7/24
A01G 9/02
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