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A photosensitive composition including a photopolymerizable monomer system and a thermochromic substance which can be used in a phootographic reproduction process which avoids the use of liquid elements for developing and fixing. The process is based on the different dielectric constants and heat losses exhibited by a monomer and the corresponding polymer and the reaction of certain thermochromic substances which exhibit a specific threshold temperature above which these substances change from a colorless form to a colored, stable form. The photosensitive element is exposed according to an original having image areas and non-image areas with a light source to cause polymerization in areas corresponding to the transparent areas of the original to form a latent image of polymerized zones and unpolymerized zones; the exposed photosensitive elements are developed by passing through a high frequency electric field which raises the temperature of the polymerized zones by dielectric heating to above the color threshold temperature of the thermochromic substance. Apparatus for carrying out the process is also described.

Photographic process for producing colored polymerized images
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March 14, 1975
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May 18, 1976
Jean Jules Robillard
Ferney Voltaire
Sherman & Shalloway
La Cellophane
G03C 1/68
G03C 5/04
G03C 5/24
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