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The invention relates to a card reader and to a novel connector for a plurality of printed circuit boards. In the connector a plurality of dielectric laminates are bonded together with electrical contacts arranged in rows. Printed circuit boards are insertable within pockets formed by the laminates. The spring contacts engage edges of the printed circuit boards. Elastomeric strips are compressed internally in the pockets to bias the contacts into electrical engagement with the printed circuit boards without a need for soldering the contacts to the boards. In the card reader, a read head incorporates the described connector and is mounted for displacement toward and away from an apertured encoded card. Displacement of the read head is produced by rotation of a shaft on which are mounted eccentric cams. The read head is provided with follower blocks which engage the surface of the cams. Upon rotation of the cams the cam followers are required to shift and allow the desired displacement of the read head toward and away from the card being read.

Printed circuit board array for card reader
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January 14, 1975
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May 18, 1976
Daniel Joseph Crowley
Raymond Vincent Pass
Gerald K Kita
AMP Incorporated
H05K 1/07
H01H 43/08
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