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An improved disposable container cover for use with recessed-bottom frusto-conical containers includes annular projection means on its surface which will fit into the recessed bottom of an adjacent like container in telescopic forceful frictional engagement. The projection means is resilient and of diameter greater than the inner diameter of the container recessed bottom and deforms upon pressure of interengagement therewith to fit therein. Upon release of this pressure the projection means seeks to expand to its original diameter and siezes the recessed bottom to permit stable stacking of a plurality of containers. In another embodiment, an annular projection secures the exterior of a flat-bottomed container. A stack of containers may be secured by a binding strap which fits into recesses on the container cover periphery to maintain alignment and permit spill-proof carrying thereof.

Container cover
Application Number
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Application Date
August 2, 1974
Publication Date
May 4, 1976
Stanley I Mason Jr
61 River Road, Weston, 06880
Haynes N Johnson
B65D 85/62
B65D 21/00
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