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The present invention comprises an electrically operated safety belt storage reel including a spindle on which a length of safety belt webbing may be wound, the reel being of the type which is for fitting in a vehicle and the webbing of which may be increased or decreased in length by pulling on the webbing to unwind it from the spindle thereby allowing movement of the person wearing the belt during normal operating conditions of the vehicle, biassing means biassing the spindle so as normally to wind in a length of webbing mounted on the spindle, a locking member associated with the spindle so that when the locking member is in a locking position, rotation of the spindle is prevented thereby preventing unwinding of the webbing from the spindle, electrical means associated with the locking means for moving the latter between locking and unlocking positions, dependent upon a supply of electrical energy to the electrical means and including at least one non-magnetic barrier associated with the locking means to minimise remanence in the locking means subsequent to the supply of electrical energy to the electrical means. The non-magnetic barrier may comprise a sleeve on the pawl or may be in two parts. The invention also relates to a safety belt storage reel provided with a double locking pawl and toothed wheel to prevent jamming and to ensure satisfactory locking and to the provision of a mechanical release device in such a reel.

Seat belt storage reel with electrically operated locking device
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May 3, 1974
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April 27, 1976
David William Burleigh
Baldwin Wight & Brown
H01H 3/16
B65H 75/48
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