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There are disclosed a novel class of catalysts for olefin polymerization, processes for the production of this class of catalysts and processes for the production of linear polyolefins, including linear polyethylene, linear polypropylene and linear copolymers of ethylene with higher olefins, using this class of catalysts. The new class of catalysts comprises Group IV(a) transition metal hydrocarbyl hydride aluminates supported on alumina. The catalysts are produced by reacting a tetra(hydrocarbyl)transition metal compound [(R--CH.sub.2).sub.4 --M in which R is aryl, aralkyl or tertiary alkyl, and M is Ti, Zr or Hf] with partially hydrated (0.5 to 1.5% water of hydration) alumina to produce hydrocarbyl-transition metal aluminates on alumina followed by hydrogenation until from about 60 to 100%, preferably 90 to 100%, of the hydrocarbyl groups have been displaced and partially replaced by hydride, and the valence state of the transition metal has been reduced. The catalysts are of exceptionally high activity for the polymerization of olefins, and the catalyst residues are innocuous and do not need to be removed from the resultant polymers.

Olefin polymerization catalyst system and process for polymerization of olefins
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May 20, 1974
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April 13, 1976
Robert Alton Setterquist
E I Du Pont de Nemours & Co
C08F 110/14
C08F 110/06
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C08F 110/02
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