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A pendulum support for the pendulum of a vehicle inertia responsive seat belt retractor. The pendulum support includes laterally spaced side walls juxtaposed to the spaced side walls of the retractor housing, and an integral pendulum support portion extending between the side walls and mounting an inertia actuated pendulum. Integral apertured bushing portions on the side walls of the support member encircle the shaft of the belt reel. These bushing portions are journalled in apertures in the side walls of the housing to mount the belt reel shaft on the housing for rotation relative thereto and also to mount the pendulum support portion and the pendulum on the housing at a predetermined consistent radial distance relative the reel shaft. The support is anchored against rotary movement about the reel shaft by providing elongated apertures in the side walls thereof which receive the pivot shaft of a locking bar for the belt reel. This also fixes the position of the pendulum support portion and pendulum relative to the locking bar which is engaged by the pendulum under inertia forces to move the locking bar into engagement with the belt reel and block unwinding rotation of the reel.

Pendulum support for a seat belt retractor
Application Number
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Application Date
March 28, 1975
Publication Date
April 6, 1976
Joseph D Kondziola
Royal Oak
C E Leahy
General Motors Corporation
B65H 75/48
A62B 35/02
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