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A combination including a packet having a space therein containing a tablet formed of a solid fabric softener composition which is partially water soluble. The packet is formed from a pair of flexible porous open-celled sheets which are joined together in face-to-face relation. A flexible opening formed in the packet leads to the space defined between the pair of flexible porous open-celled sheets. The opening has a normally closed position when the sheets which form the packet are in their expanded condition. However, the opening is expandable to an open position by squeezing the sides of the packet in a direction along the axis of the opening.

The sheets forming the packet have a thickness that is sufficient to reduce flow of water through the sheets to a level which prevents complete solution of the tablet during a single use while, however, permitting partial solution of the tablet with migration of dissolved fabric softener composition from the interior to the exterior of the packet. In usage, the combination of the packet and tablet is placed in a dryer which contains a damp fabric load and the fabric softener composition migrates through the walls of the flexible open-celled sheets by a kneading action. The kneading action first involves the absorption of water by the packet from the load with the water passing through the flexible porous open-celled sheets to solubilize fabric softener composition on the exterior of the tablet. The solubilized fabric softener composition then passes outwardly through the walls of the open-celled sheets into contact with the fabric load as the packet is compressed by the weight of the fabric load during tumbling of the load within a dryer.

Fabric softener and dispenser
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November 6, 1974
Publication Date
April 6, 1976
Henry Bauer
William H Pavitt Jr
John Levey
A61L 9/04
F26B 19/00
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