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Cable reclamation method and apparatus by which moisture is precluded from entering or is purged from an electrical cable by injecting a two-part polymerizable compound in liquid phase into and along the cable. Any moisture present is purged through an outlet port distant from the compound entry port. The compound takes a permanent soft-solid set at normal ambient temperatures within a few hours as a paste-like gel readily removable at any future time to permit cable splicing and servicing operations. This soft-solid gel forms a moisture-proof nonconductive sealing barrier precluding entry of moisture and restoring normal cable operating conditions. The compound supply tank is pressurized with air or gas to transfer the compound in liquid phase into the cable, the pressurized gas being used initially to agitate and intermix the compound constituents. The supply tank is preferable mounted on a carriage to facilitate its mobility in the field and the tank access closure features dual safety locks requiring separate deliberate manipulation to release the closure.

Cable reclamation method and apparatus
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February 25, 1974
Publication Date
February 24, 1976
George W Gillemot
Santa Monica
Harris Kern Wallen & Tinsley
John T Thompson
B65B 3/04
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