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Data storage and processing apparatus for storing and processing data for use by a video display monitor. The data storage and processing apparatus includes a random access memory having a general storage section arranged to store data including display character data to be displayed in horizontal display lines on the display surface of a video display monitor and control data for use in conserving storage space in the random access memory. The memory conservation control data contained in the general storage section of the random access memory includes coded three-character repeat sequences. Each coded repeat sequence specifies a repeat operation and a particular number of times that a display data character is to be repeated in a display line. For each processing of a coded repeat character sequence, the memory is inhibited from any further readout of data characters and the display data character specified by the coded repeat sequence is repeated a fixed number of times in an output buffer circuit or until the end of a display line is reached, whichever occurs first.

Data storage and processing apparatus including processing of repeat character sequences
Application Number
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September 3, 1974
Publication Date
February 3, 1976
Joseph L O Neill Jr
Norman J O Malley
Elmer J Nealon
Peter Xiarhos
Ultronic Systems Corporation
G06F 3/14
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