A valve control device includes a valve unit disposed in a cooling water circuit, and a control part which controls operation of the valve unit. The control part has a rotation angle instruction part, a duty ratio calculator and a determiner. The rotation angle instruction part calculates an instruction value of a rotation angle in response to an operational status of an internal-combustion engine. The duty ratio calculator calculates a duty ratio representing a ratio of ON period to OFF period regarding a voltage applied to an electric motor based on a difference between a detection value of the rotation angle detected by a detector and the instruction value of the rotation angle, and regulates the duty ratio to be lower than or equal to a predetermined upper limit. The determiner determines whether the duty ratio continues to be the upper limit during a predetermined period.

Application Number
Publication Number
20190195119 (A1)
Application Date
March 6, 2019
Publication Date
June 27, 2019
F01P 3/20
F01P 3/02
F01P 11/14
F01P 7/14
F01P 11/18
F01P 7/16
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