Anti-BAFFR antibodies are formulated as lyophilisate or liquid formulation. The lyophilisates can be reconstituted to give a solution with a high concentration of the antibody active ingredient for delivery to a patient without high levels of antibody aggregation. The lyophilisate can be reconstituted with an aqueous reconstituent to provide an aqueous composition in which the antibody has a concentration of at least 50 mg/ml. The lyophilisate or aqueous pharmaceutical composition may include one or more of a sugar, a buffering agent, a surfactant, and/or a free amino acid.

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20190194341 (A1)
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March 6, 2019
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June 27, 2019
A61K 9/00
A61K 47/26
A61K 47/18
A61K 39/395
A61K 9/19
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C07K 16/28
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