The present invention provides method and apparatus for minimally-invasive capillary blood extraction comprising an apparatus capable of the harnessing the energy from frequent natural mammalian movements and then converting it into forces needed to execute skin lancing, specifically an insertion of a lancet in the body of the mammal. The apparatus consists of a rotational and a translational member which work together to effectively translate an angular displacement of the rotational element caused by mammalian movements to translational displacement of a sliding element at an angle to the plane which the force from the mammal was applied in. The ability of the invention to harness free energy and efficiently use that energy for actuating a lancet and facilitating blood extraction allows for the miniaturization of blood sampling technology into a wearable device.

Method and Apparatus for Autonomous Minimally-Invasive Capillary Blood Extraction
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20190110725 (A1)
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October 11, 2018
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April 18, 2019
A61B 5/157
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