A genetically modified mouse is provided that comprises a conditional Acvr1 allele that comprises a mutated exon that, upon induction, converts to a mutant exon phenotype, wherein the mutant exon phenotype includes ectopic bone formation. Mice comprising a mutant Acvr1 exon 5 in antisense orientation, flanked by site-specific recombinase recognition sites, are provided, wherein the mice further comprise a site-specific recombinase that recognizes the site-specific recombinase recognitions sites, wherein the recombinase is induced upon exposure of the mouse to tamoxifen. Upon exposure to tamoxifen, the recombinase is expressed and acts on the RRS-flanked mutant exon 5 and places the mutant exon 5 in sense orientation and deletes the wild-type exon.

Rodents With Conditional ACVR1 Mutant Alleles
Application Number
Publication Number
20190045760 (A1)
Application Date
October 30, 2018
Publication Date
February 14, 2019
C07K 14/71
A01K 67/027
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