An apparatus, system and method for clarifying wastewater using electrocoagulation with plasma discharge is provided. The apparatus includes a reactor with a hollow interior accommodating a volume of wastewater for treatment, and electrodes contacting or at least partially submerged in the wastewater. Electrical energy is supplied to the electrodes, such as three-phase AC power, of sufficient levels to generate plasma discharge from the electrodes and within the wastewater. Electrocoagulation occurs concurrent with the plasma discharge. A system including at least one reactor is a flow-through system, and may have a recirculation loop for recirculating wastewater for additional passes of treatment. A pump(s) and series of valves control the movement of wastewater through the system, and a control panel may be included to direct the operation of various components of the system. The control panel may also include a user interface for information display, input by an operator, and automation.

Electrocoagulation System and Method Using Plasma Discharge
Application Number
Publication Number
20180086651 (A1)
Application Date
September 23, 2016
Publication Date
March 29, 2018
C02F 1/46
C02F 1/463
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