A method of generating one or more new digital images using an original digitally-acquired image including a selected image feature includes identifying within a digital image acquisition device one or more groups of pixels that correspond to the selected image feature based on information from one or more preview images. A portion of the original image is selected that includes the one or more groups of pixels. The technique includes automatically generating values of pixels of one or more new images based on the selected portion in a manner which includes the selected image feature within the one or more new images.

Modification of post-viewing parameters for digital images using image region or feature information
Application Number
Publication Number
20180013950 (A1)
Application Date
June 26, 2017
Publication Date
January 11, 2018
G06T 11/60
H04N 9/64
G06T 5/00
G06K 9/00
G06K 9/32
H04N 9/04
H04N 5/232
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