A system for providing a geographic location based information having a server which comprises a transceiver which is operated to receive a request for the geographic location based information of the plurality of people and a processor to locate, to determine a count, to represent the count as a pair of counters in a plurality of blocks and update the count at each counter. A user interface is configured to display the plurality of blocks with the pair of counters. The cloud server dynamically stores/updates user settings and interests of all network devices, stores advertisers static locations and updates ads based off users inputs and populates stored information on universal map shared by all users and also receives request to filter user's map by a Label and determines all users in viewing window of map that have that Label saved in their profiles and then sends results to the user.

Application Number
Publication Number
20150201304 (A1)
Application Date
January 13, 2015
Publication Date
July 16, 2015
H04W 8/18
H04W 4/02
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