An optical distributor (10) is formed as a reflector with one or more sloping surfaces. The sloping surfaces have varying angles of inclination from a bottom edge (20) to a top edge of the reflector. The sloping surfaces may form a substantially pyramidal or conical frustum-shaped surface. The sloping surfaces may additionally or alternatively form a band of adjacent or contiguous faceted surfaces. The reflector is configured to receive light rays through an opening (32) in a first plane (30) and reflect light rays radially outward and upward at varying angles of reflection (8B) to a bottom surface of the first plane (30) in a manner that illuminates both the bottom surface of the first plane (30) and an area (40) below the first plane (30). The reflected light may illuminate the first plane (30) and the area (40) below in a substantially uniform manner.

Optical Distributor for Room Lighting
Application Number
Publication Number
20130201561 (A1)
Application Date
October 17, 2011
Publication Date
August 8, 2013
G02B 19/00
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