A method synthesizes a composition of polymers, copolymers, terpolymers and tetrapolymers. The composition may be made by combining in a reaction chamber, a crosslinking agent and one or more of a calix[n]arene, cyclodextrin, a mixture of a plurality of calix[n]arenes, different cyclodextrins, derivatives of calix[n]arenes, and derivatives of cyclodextrins, stirring the mixture, making a solid residue using microwaves, washing the solid residue, drying some of the wash, filtering some of the wash, and drying the resulting filtered solution. The composition may include alpha-cyclodextrin, beta-cyclodextrin, gamma-cyclodextrin, the derivatives or corresponding mixtures thereof, and/or calix[n]arene(s) and/or of calix[n]arene derivative(s) and/or a mixture of two or more different calix[n]arenes selected from calix[n]arenes (n=4-20) and/or the derivatives thereof. The method has application to pharmaceuticals, human medicine, veterinary medicine, chemistry, separation chemistry, environmental, electronics, biological, diagnostics, phytosanitation, medicinal food, agri-food, cosmetics, the nutraceutical field, and in the field of molecular imprints (MIP).

Method for synthesizing calixarene and/or cyclodextrin copolymers, terpolymers and tetrapolymers, and uses thereof
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December 27, 2010
Publication Date
January 10, 2013
Mohamed Skiba
Drug Research Technology Transfer
C08G 65/38
B29B 09/16
C08B 37/16
C08F 02/46
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