This twenty-step business process uses a clinical trials matching system to perform scalable searches of derived patient data records for patients that may be eligible for clinical trials. The patent-bearing business contracts with healthcare providers of patients found in derived patient data records to review the likely matches of those patients to clinical trials. Contracted healthcare providers also provide sufficient data for the patent-bearing business to determine if their patients qualify for clinical trials. Probabilistic matching techniques are used for this determination. The healthcare provider solicits qualified patients for clinical trials and interacts to enroll patients in trials. Solicitation is active in that the patent bearing business need not wait for a patient to initiate contact in order to seek determination of a patient's potential eligibility to participate in a clinical trial. Patient privacy is protected by limiting patient contact to be only through the patient's healthcare provider.

Scalable determination of probable patient eligibility for clinical trials and associated process for active solicitation of patients for clinical trials via their healthcare providers
Application Number
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June 8, 2012
Publication Date
December 13, 2012
Michael Edward Lundie
Tod S Levitt
East Setauket
G06Q 50/24
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