To provide manufacturing method for resistor that uses metal plate as resistance body, which can obtain desired accurate resistance value without trimming resistance body even if product becomes small. The method comprises; in method for manufacturing an unit resistor that has a pair of electrodes separated by insulation film, from resistor material that is provided with a metal plate consisting of resistance material, an insulation film pattern formed on the metal plate, and an electrode region formed besides area where insulation film pattern has been formed, by piercing predetermined piercing area, wherein length E of insulation film pattern is longer than width w of piercing area, wherein width L of insulation film pattern extends or narrows along direction of length E of insulation film pattern, and wherein position X of piercing area is adjusted in extent and in direction of length E of insulation film pattern.

Method for manufacturing a resistor
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February 22, 2012
Publication Date
September 6, 2012
Takanori Kikuchi
Hitoshi Amemiya
Hiromu Sakai
Koa Corporation
H01C 17/00
H01C 01/142
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