The present application relates to a process for the manufacture of copolymers of ethylene and of at least one vinyl ester, comprising the following steps: a) fermentation of renewable starting materials so as to produce at least one alcohol comprising ethanol; b) dehydration of the alcohol obtained so as to produce at least one alkene comprising ethylene and, optionally, purification of the alkene so as to obtain ethylene, c) copolymerization of the ethylene with at least one vinyl ester, d) isolation of the copolymer obtained. The application also relates to the copolymers of ethylene and of at least one vinyl ester in which the ethylene is at least partly obtained from renewable starting materials, and to uses thereof.

Manufacture of ethylene/carboxylic acid copolymers from renewable materials, copolymers obtained and uses
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November 10, 2009
Publication Date
January 26, 2012
Jean Luc Dubois
Thomas Roussel
Christian Laurichesse
Fabrice R Chopinez
Bala Cynwyd Circle
Samuel Devisme
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C08F 220/06
B65D 01/02
C08L 33/02
C08L 33/06
C08L 33/14
C08L 35/00
B32B 01/08
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C08F 220/32
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