The present application relates to a process for manufacturing maleic anhydride that comprising the following steps: a) fermentation of renewable raw materials and optionally purification to produce a mixture comprising at least butanol; b) oxidation of the butanol to maleic anhydride at a temperature generally between 300° C. to 600° C., using a catalyst based on oxides of vanadium and/or molybdenum; c) isolation of the maleic anhydride obtained at the end of step b). It also relates to the maleic anhydride obtained from renewable raw materials, to the copolymers and compositions comprising said maleic anhydride and also uses of use of this maleic anhydride.

Manufacture of maleic anhydride from renewable materials, maleic anhydride obtained, and uses thereof
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July 17, 2009
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January 19, 2012
Jean Luc Dubois
Arkema France
C08G 63/91
C07D 307/60
C07D 307/08
C07C 29/16
C07C 31/20
C08F 122/04
C07D 307/33
C08F 222/08
C08F 224/00
C08F 222/06
C12P 17/04
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