The present application relates to a method for manufacturing a propylene polymer, including: a) fermenting and optionally purifying first renewable materials to produce an alcohol or an alcohol mixture, the alcohol or alcohol mixture including at least isopropanol and/or at least a mixture of ethanol and 1-butanol; b) dehydrating the resulting alcohol or the alcohol mixture to produce an alkene or alkene mixture in a first series of reactors, the alkene or alkene mixture containing at least propylene; c) polymerizing the propylene in a second reactor, optionally in the presence of a comonomer, so as to produce a propylene polymer; d) isolating the propylene polymer obtained in step c); and e) grafting the propylene polymer obtained from step d). The invention also relates to the grafted propylene polymer capable of being obtained by the method, to the compositions containing the polymer, as well as to the uses of the polymer.

Composition containing polypropylene and/or a propylene copolymer obtained from renewable materials, and uses thereof
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December 2, 2009
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December 15, 2011
Jean Luc Dubois
Thomas Roussel
Guillaume Le
Jean Laurent Pradel
Fabrice R Chop
Bala Cynwyd
Samuel Devisme
Arkema France
C08L 51/06
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