A fiber optic terminal configured to optically connect optical fibers from received network-side and subscriber-side fiber(s) to facilitate providing direct or intermediate optical connections between a fiber optic network and a destination. The fiber optic terminal includes at least one adapter module comprising at least one adapter panel. The adapter panel is configured to receive both an input fiber and one or more of a plurality of output fibers from an optical splitter. To establish optical connections between the network-side and subscriber-side fiber(s), the input fiber from the optical splitter is optically connected to an input fiber optic adapter on the adapter panel, which is optically connected to the at least one network-side fiber. One or more of the plurality of output fibers from the optical splitter are optically connected to one or more output fiber optic adapters on the adapter panel, which are optically connected to the subscriber-side fibers.

Fiber optic terminal having adapter panel supporting both input and output fibers from an optical splitter
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April 8, 2011
Publication Date
September 15, 2011
Bin Dai
Guy Joachin Castonguay
Songhua Cao
B23P 17/04
G02B 06/00
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