The disclosed method and apparatus provide prediction and suggestion of proposed actions a user of an electronic device is likely to want to do, at certain circumstances. The actions take into account historical activities made by the user, as well as incoming events, environmental data, external data, or any other source of information. Proposing the actions may be done by one or more engines, each relating to one or more aspects of the device, actions, events, activities, preferences and the like. The actions proposed by all engines are merged and prioritized, and presented to a user. The options are presented to a user in a manner that enables activation of any of the options, with the relevant settings and parameters.

System and method for intuitive user interaction
Application Number
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April 5, 2009
Publication Date
May 5, 2011
Eran Dukas
Itay Riemer
Eran Aharonson
Intuitive User Interfaces
G06F 15/18
G06N 05/02
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