A method of for prevention of presbyopia and glaucoma envisages stimulation of the ciliary body to determine contraction thereof via a low-voltage d.c. current sent in the form of pulse trains. This contraction, if applied in a rhythmic way at a constant frequency, subjects the ciliary muscle to a passive gymnastics increasing the force of contraction thereof, the dimensions, and the efficiency. This increase of force enables the crystalline to be moved with greater efficiency and consequently increases the power of accommodation thereof. The contraction of the ciliary muscle stretches the tendinous formation in direct contact with the sclero-corneal trabeculate and increases the distance between the lamellae of the sclero-corneal angle, restoring the natural function of the trabeculate and thus preventing glaucoma. Stimulation of the anatomical area corresponding to the ciliary body occurs through the use of conductive electrodes positioned in direct contact with the bulbar conjunctiva at an appropriate distance from the corneal limbus.

Method for prevention of presbyopia and glaucoma, and means for carrying out said treatment
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June 11, 2009
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April 7, 2011
Massimo Filippello
Sooft Italia
A61N 01/36
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