According to a work mounting method by the work transfer apparatus of the prior art, a glass plate or a work may fail to abut against a window frame homogeneously at its peripheral edge portion, and the adhesion strength or the sealing property between the glass plate and the window frame may not be retained all over the periphery of the adhered portion. Provided is a work transfer apparatus, which grips a rear glass by its gripping member and mounts the rear glass while pushing the gripped rear glass onto the window frame of a car body by the action of a supporting arm. The work transfer apparatus comprises a control device, and each of absorption pads of the gripping member includes a force detecting sensor for detecting the force to be applied to the absorption pads. The control device controls, when it uses the work transfer apparatus to mount the rear glass on the window frame, the actions of the supporting arm on the basis of the magnitude of the detected value of the force detecting sensor of each absorption pad.

Work transfer apparatus, and work mounting method
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July 25, 2008
Publication Date
December 23, 2010
Masafumi Uchihara
Hideyuki Murayama
Shozo Ushio
Kenyon & Kenyon
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha
B23P 19/00
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