An improved automated process and apparatus for making a gastro-retentive device (10). The method includes the steps of providing a pouch assembly (18) having an ingredient section within a membrane; rotating the membrane to form a folded pouch assembly; inserting the folded pouch assembly into a first capsule section (20a) to form a pouch/first capsule assembly, and inserting the pouch/first capsule assembly into a second capsule section (20b). The process can further include the steps of providing a continuous strip (32) of multiple pouch assemblies (18) and cutting a single pouch assembly (18) from the strip (32). Also provided is an apparatus (100) for carrying out the above method which includes three wheels (102, 104, 106) for processing and moving the capsule sections (20a, 20b), a pouch load subassembly (166) for delivering a strip (32) of pouch assemblies (18) to a pouch load tooling mechanism (168), a pouch wrapping subassembly which, after receiving the pouches (18) from the pouch load tooling mechanism (168) wraps the flaps of the pouches which are then, via a pouch insert subassembly 200, inserted into the first capsule section (20a) in one of the wheels (104). The second capsule section (20b) is then combined with the first capsule section (20a) in the wheel (104) to complete the finished gastro-retentive device (10).

Process and machine for automated manufacture of gastro-retentive devices
Application Number
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January 15, 2010
Publication Date
May 13, 2010
Jagathesan Moodley
Myers Bigel Sibley & Sajovec
B23P 19/00
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