The invention relates to a process for manufacturing a single crystal comprising a rare-earth halide, having improved machining or cleavage behaviour, comprising heat treatment in a furnace, the atmosphere of which is brought, for at least 1 hour, to between 0.70 times Tm and 0.995 times Tm of a single crystal comprising a rare-earth halide, Tm representing the melting point of said single crystal, the temperature gradient at any point in the atmosphere of the furnace being less than 15 K/cm for said heat treatment. After carrying out the treatment according to the invention, the single crystals may be machined or cleaved without uncontrolled fracture. The single crystals may be used in a medical imaging device, especially a positron emission tomography system or a gamma camera or a CT scanner, for crude oil exploration, for detection and identification of fissile or radioactive materials, for nuclear and high-energy physics, for astrophysics or for industrial control.

Annealing of single crystals
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May 15, 2008
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October 1, 2009
Vladimir Ouspenski
Alain Iltis
Dominique Richaud
Larson Newman & Abel
Saint Gobain Cristaux Et Detecteurs
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C30B 15/14
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