A substance and method for treating a subterranean formation using hydraulic fracturing. A non-metallic, substantially deformable, proppant particle is “elastically flexible” or “plastically compressible” and adapted for use at concentrations which will substantially create a partial monolayer. The method for treating a formation with a non-metallic deformable proppant, includes the steps of injecting a carrier fluid into the formation, the carrier fluid carrying an amount of the deformable proppant, wherein the carrier fluid is injected at a pressure and a flow rate sufficient to create or open an existing fracture or fracture network in the formation, and placing at least a portion of the deformable proppant in the fracture, the deformable proppant forming substantially a partial monolayer in the fracture, and reducing the pressure and/or the flow rate sufficient to allow the fracture in the formation to at least partially close, wherein at least a portion of the deformable proppant remains in the fracture to prop open at least a portion of the fracture.

Method of Treating a Formation Using Deformable Proppants
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October 27, 2008
Publication Date
April 30, 2009
Garnet Ross Olson
Adolph Joseph John Peskunowicz
Robert Gordon Fulton
Boyle Fredrickson Sc
E21B 43/267
C09K 08/80
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