A plating apparatus can form a plated film having a uniform thickness over the entire surface of a substrate without a change of members. The plating apparatus included a substrate holder, a cathode contact for contacting a conductive film formed on the substrate so that the conductive film serves as a cathode, a ring-shaped seal member for covering the cathode contact and bringing its inner circumferential portion into contact with the peripheral portion of the substrate to seal the peripheral portion of the substrate, an anode disposed so as to face the conductive film formed on the substrate, and an auxiliary cathode disposed to the seal member such that at least part of the auxiliary cathode expose on a surface of the seal member. Plating is carried out by bringing the conductive film, the anode and the auxiliary cathode into contact with a plating solution.

Plating apparatus
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October 15, 2007
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April 16, 2009
Katsuyuki Musaka
Junji Kunisawa
Kunihito Ide
Keisuke Namiki
Natsuki Makino
Wenderoth Lind & Ponack
C25D 17/00
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