A mobile station transmitting and receiving method and a corresponding mobile station transmitter and receiver of a smart antenna system for forming uplink eigenbeams of the OFDM/TDD (orthogonal frequency division multiplex/time division duplex), wherein OFDM symbols are received from a base station through a downlink via multiple antennas (250) and an FFT (fast Fourier transform) is performed on the received OFDM symbols by the FFT units (270). By means of a channel estimator (290) the channels are estimated and a beam weight generator (310) generates respective beam weights from the channels of the respective pilot tones of the respective subcarriers according to the channel estimation result. A beam weight multiplier (230) forms the uplink beam by multiplying the respective beam weights with the output of the signal repeater (220) and IFFT units (240) generate respective OFDM symbols which are transmitted via multiple antennas (250) through an uplink.

Smart antenna system and method thereof for forming uplink eigenbeam of ofdm/tdd
Application Number
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November 10, 2004
Publication Date
March 12, 2009
Seung Ku Hwang
Dong Seung Kwon
In Kyeong Choi
Seong Rag Kim
The Farrell Law Firm PC
H04J 11/00
H04L 27/28
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