The present invention provides a twin recliner operable manually for permitting selective position of a seat back with respect to the seat cushion through a range of reclined positions to a selected use position. Said twin recliner comprising: a master and a slave recliner, a shaft arm member with a longitudinal cleavage on one side and a plurality of peripheral stepping arrangement on the other side, an external spring means with one end hooked to the lower portion of the activating lever and the other end locked to the longitudinal cleavage of the shaft to facilitate a nominal return rate of the actuating lever, a rotatable cam mounted on the third of said plurality of stepping arrangement having a projection is engaged with the slot of the lower housing to receive a rotary drive directly from the actuating lever to disengage inner sectors, a guiding plate with a central passage mounted on the fourth of the stepping arrangement of the shaft member to provide a synchronized movement of the inner sectors.

Twin Recliner for Automotive Seats
Application Number
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January 7, 2004
Publication Date
April 24, 2008
Kesavan Rajagopal
Muthusamy Ramalingam
Manyam Hemadri Reddy
Bijon Nag
Birch Stewart Kolasch & Birch
Ifb Automotive Private Lmited
B60N 02/235
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