A planting device which is simple in structure, small in number of components, light in weight, easy to conduct various types of maintenance work, low in material cost, high in construction efficiency, easy to continuously arrange when greening is carried out at a gradient surface, and in particular, high in work efficiency in terms of watering as well as a planting structure in which the planting device is used. The above problem is solved by providing a planting device for plants to be formed mainly on a rooftop or a roof of a building and the like, the planting device for plants comprising a body portion provided with a first fixing means and a second fixing means firmely fixed to a mounting surface of the body portion and linked to the first fixing means, wherein the body portion is provided at the bottom with a water draining means, a water retaining means and the first fixing means and also provided at a side wall with a water receiving means, soil is filled into a surrounding space enclosed with the side walls and desired plants (or a desired plant) are planted on the soil as well as a planting structure in which the planting device is used.

Planting device and planting structure for plants
Application Number
Publication Number
Application Date
January 19, 2007
Publication Date
February 14, 2008
Yoshiaki Gotou
Kunio Tajima
Lipsitz & McAllister
Tajima Ryokka Incorporated
A01G 09/02
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