A tree structure stored in the storage medium provides control over what an entity can do even after gaining access. Each of the nodes of the tree specifies permissions by an entity who has gained entry through such node of the tree. Some trees have different levels, where the permission or permissions at a node of the tree has a predetermined relationship to permission or permissions at another node at a higher or lower or the same level in the same tree. By requiring entities to comply with the permissions so specified at each of the nodes, the tree feature of this application allows a content owner to control which entities can take action, and which actions each of the entities can take, irrespective of whether the tree has different levels. To enhance the commercial value that can be provided by the mobile storage medium, it is desirable for mobile storage devices to be capable of supporting more than one application simultaneously. When two or more applications are accessing the mobile storage device at the same time, it can be important to be able to separate the operations of the two or more applications so that they do not interfere with one another in a phenomena referred to herein as crosstalk. Two or more preferably hierarchical trees control access to the memory. Each tree comprises nodes at different levels for controlling access to data by a corresponding set of entities where a node of each tree specifies permission or permissions of the corresponding entity or entities for accessing memory data. The permission or permissions at a node of each of the trees has a predetermined relationship to permission or permissions at another node at a higher or lower level in the same tree. Preferably, there is no crosstalk between at least two of the trees.

Method using control structure for versatile content control
Application Number
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December 20, 2005
Publication Date
October 26, 2006
Ron Barzilai
Bahman Qawami
San Jose
Michael Holtzman
Fabrice Jogand Coulomb
San Carlos
Parsons Hsue & de Runtz
G06F 17/30
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