The invention concerns a method for producing acrylic acid from propane, which consists in passing a gas mixture including propane, water, vapour, and optionally an inert gas and/or molecular oxygen, on a catalyst of formula (I): Mo1VaSbbNbcSidOx, wherein: a ranges between 0.006 and 1, inclusively; b ranges between 0.006 and 1, inclusively; c ranges between 0.006 and 1, inclusively; d ranges between 0 and 3.5, inclusively; and x is the amount of oxygen bound to the other elements and depends on their state of oxidation, for oxidizing propane into acrylic acid, and which is carried out in the presence of molecular oxygen, the propane/molecular oxygen mol ratio in the initial gas mixture is not less than 0.5.

Method for production acrylic acid from propane
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September 9, 2003
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August 17, 2006
Wataru Ueda
Damien Vitry
Stephanie Serreau
Fabienne Desdevises
Jean Luc Dubois
Buchanan Ingersoll PC
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