A movable panel (12) for cases but more specifically media cases for compact discs, digital video discs and mini-discs. Said panel is co-planer with top (10) in first position and non co-planer in second position. The bottom of the case (14) has a longitudinal channel (16) on the inside of the bottom sidewall. Each of these longitudinal channels is at an angle from the bottom of the case at an approximate 45-degrees. The channels are approximately one half inch in length and rise from the bottom of the case to the edge of the sidewall. There are offset radiuses (18) at each end of the longitudinal channels. The movable panel has extensions (22) on the bottom back surface of the panel that protrude down approximately ΒΌ inch. At the bottom of each of the extensions is a pin (20). The material constructing the parts is a styrene or resin plastic currently used in the manufacture of the commonly referred to jewel box. In the current case for compact disc is included a separate part that actually holds the compact disc inside the container: the disc tray (24). The movable panel design described above could be applied to the disc tray by way of an extension of the sidewalls of the disc tray. The mini-disc case (26) has smaller dimensions than the compact disc case or jewel box. The design elements above would still have an application to the case however. The mini-disc movable panel (28) would be a smaller area but would provide a surface to identify the content, which would not be available without physically handling each case. The movable panel of the mini-disc would have extensions along the rear of the panel (30) one on each side. The opposing sidewalls of the case toward the leading edge would have a longitudinal channel that the extensions from the movable panel would interact with to form a co-planer first position and a non co-planer second position.

Easy see CD/DVD & mini-disc case
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May 31, 2005
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January 12, 2006
Craig Allen Richardson
Craig A Richardson
B65D 85/30
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