In the present light guide body, a flat part is provided at an edge part of a fluorescent tube vicinal part (part that receives strong light), and a pear-skin texture pattern having a sine wave shape boundary is formed inside the flat part. Therefore, it is possible to alternately provide, along a direction to which the fluorescent tube extends, small pear-skin texture regions and small flat regions. That is, scattering intensity of the light guide body is set so that it becomes stronger gradually from the edge part close to the fluorescent tube toward the inside far from the fluorescent tube. The quantity of the light incident on the back surface becomes less from the edge part toward the internal side. Therefore, it is possible for the light guide body to uniformize a light scattering quantity of each portion of the back surface. As a result, the light guide body can uniformize the light emitted from a surface over the entire surface of the light guide body.

Light guide body, lighting device, liquid crystal display device, and electronic device
Application Number
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September 16, 2004
Publication Date
March 24, 2005
Hiroshi Torihara
Nixon & Vanderhye PC
Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha
F21V 07/04
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