The invention concerns an ironing board (1) comprising: a working surface (2), a device for adjusting the height of the working surface (2), the support comprising at least two intersecting legs (3, 4) pivoting about a common hinge pin (5), the upper ends (7, 8) of the legs (3, 4) being secured to the working surface (2), at least one of the legs (4) being mobile its upper end (7) adapted to be displaced in a plane parallel to that of the platform (2). The invention is characterised in that the height adjusting device comprises means for continuous adjustment consisting of a jack (6) made up of a first and a second part (11, 12), the first part of the jack (11) being secured to the mobile leg (4) and the common hinge pin (5).

Ironing board ajdustable in height
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June 27, 2003
Publication Date
March 18, 2004
Jacques Schaeffer
Antoine Cahen
Jean Luc Denisart
Nixon & Vanderhye PC
D06F 81/00
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