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The present invention provides an electrical connector which includes an insulating housing and a plurality of terminals for electrical connection with a circuit board and for coupling with a matching electrical connector. The insulating housing has a connecting face, an end face disposed opposite and parallel to the connecting face, and a mating face that is adjoined to the end face at a right angle. The connecting face is further provided with a power socket region and a signal socket region. The end face is provided with a plurality of terminal passages communicated with the power socket region and the signal socket region. The end face is further provided with a projecting flange. The flange is provided with a plurality of recesses corresponding in position to the terminal passages. The conductive terminal has a connecting end disposed in the corresponding terminal passage, a mating end in electrical contact with the circuit board, and a securing portion connecting the connecting and the mating end and received in the recess. By arranging the connecting face and the mating face of the insulating housing at a right angle to each other, the matching electrical connector can be coupled to the connecting face in a direction parallel to the extending direction of the circuit board.

Electrical connector
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November 21, 2002
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May 22, 2003
Yi Tse Ho
Molex Incorporated
H01R 12/00
H05K 01/00
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