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A recording tape cartridge which can enable size-reduction of a drive device. A substantially rectangular case rotatably accommodates a single reel on which a recording tape is wound. An opening, for drawing out a leader member attached to an end portion of the tape, is formed by cutting away a corner portion of the case at a side of loading into a drive device. A covering member, which is formed to be substantially circular arc-shaped in plan view, moves on a predetermined circular circumference at a side wall portion which is parallel with a drive device loading direction, to open and close the opening. An operation portion protrudes from the covering member and is operated by an opening member provided at the drive device. The operation member moves through the position of a movement path of the covering member that is closest to the side wall in plan view.

Recording tape cartridge
Application Number
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November 19, 2002
Publication Date
May 22, 2003
Kazuo Hiraguchi
Sughrue Mion Pllc
Fuji Photo Film
G11B 23/107
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