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A novel wheel cover for a portable golf cart is comprised of a solid planar plastic disc, a flexible vinyl envelope cover, an elastic rubber band, a flexible pocket, and a zip. The solid planar plastic disc is attached to the center of the flexible vinyl envelope cover by hot melt adhesion. The flexible pocket for small items such as a golf tee, scoring pencil and golf gloves is attached on the surface of the solid planar plastic disc by hot melt adhesion. The zip secures the opening of the pocket. The elastic rubber band is annularly secured in a rim portion of an opening portion of the flexible envelope. The materials of construction for novel wheel cover are, including but not limited to, m-HDPE (metallocene catalyst polymerized high density polyethylene) molding grade and m-LLDPE (metallocene catalyst polymerized linear low density polyethylene) film grade, which are easily adhered to each other by a heat sealing. The wheel cover of this invention is to protect indoor environments such as the inside of an automobile trunk, garage and inside of a house from contamination by dirts, leaves of grass, and moisture, which were attached to the golf cart wheel.

Pocket wheel cover for portable golf cart
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October 15, 2002
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February 27, 2003
Youngi Kim
Fountain Valley
Eugene Oak PhD
B60B 07/00
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