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Offering vertical services to subscribers and service providers is an avenue to immediately improve the competitiveness of digital subscriber line access service, for example of the type offered by a local exchange carrier. To deliver high-quality vertical services, however, the underlying ADSL Data Network (ADN) or the like needs to establish Quality of Service (QoS) as a core characteristic and offer an efficient mechanism for insertion of the vertical services. The inventive network architecture introduces QoS into the ADN, in a manner that enables the delivery of sophisticated and demanding IP-based services to subscribers, does not affect existing Internet tiers of service, and is cost-effective in terms of initial costs, build-out, and ongoing operations. The architecture utilizes a switch capable of examining and selectively forwarding packets or frames based on higher layer information in the protocol stack, that is to say on information that is encapsulated in the layer-2 information utilized to define normal connectivity through the network. The switch enables segregation of upstream traffic by type and downstream aggregation of Internet traffic together with traffic from a local vertical services domain. Systems coupled to the network and software in a user's computer enable a method for automated, end-to-end provisioning of a logical data circuit, in response to a customer's request for bundled broadband services. Customer Premises Equipment (CPE) located between the ADN and customer premises data equipment examines frames received from the data equipment and modifies the frames according to the destination of the frames' payloads. This CPE also enforces QoS guarantees in the upstream direction and security-related access control lists. Automatic programming of the CPE is simplified for customers by cooperating applications distributed across the ADN that interactively generate and download programming information for the CPE.

Automatic programming of customer premises equipment for vertical services integration
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December 7, 2000
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April 18, 2002
Robert T Baum
Eric A Voit
c o Christian R Andersen Verizon Services Group
Leonard C Suchyta
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