An apparatus for providing healthcare information, including a memory device for storing information for at least one of performing a healthcare diagnosis, prescribing a treatment for a healthcare diagnosis, and monitoring a treatment, a receiver for receiving information regarding at least one of an individual's symptom, an individual's condition, and an individual's illness, wherein the information is generated by a healthcare at least one of machine and device, a processor for processing the information in conjunction with the information contained in the memory device, wherein the processor determines at least one of a diagnosis and a prescribed treatment, and further wherein the processor generates at least one of a diagnostic report containing information regarding at least one of a diagnosis, a possible diagnosis, and a list of possible diagnoses, and a treatment report containing at least one of treatment information, drug interaction information, and treatment interaction information, and a transmitter for transmitting at least one of the diagnostic report and the treatment report to at least one of a user and a communication device associated with a user.

Apparatus and method for processing and/or for providing healthcare information and/or healthcare-related information
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December 15, 2000
Publication Date
October 18, 2001
Raymond Anthony Joao
Raymond A Joao Esq
A61B 05/00
G06F 17/60
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