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The present invention relates to a method for verifying authorized access, and more particularly to one which verifies authorized access through an improved password entry mode. It can prevent any theft behavior of password, and also guarantee easier memory of password. The feature of improved password entry mode lies in: the user can memorize at least one position relative to identification background, the sequence and number of position. The entry of password is by characters. Since these characters are generated randomly, the password characters may differ whenever you login the system. The method of verifying the authorized access include the following steps: (1) entering user's ID; (2) judging if it's an authorized user's ID, if yes, proceeding with step (4), if not, proceeding with the next step; (3) displaying an image according to predefined identification background wherein, this indicates the entry rule for a specified region of the identification background in order to enter and set the password, and the password is a password region sequence comprising one or several specified regions; (4) the image generated dynamically by the predefined identification background indicating a dynamic entry rule corresponding to a specified region of the identification background, entering the password, then verifying the authorized access; (5) finished.

A method for verifying authorized access
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April 11, 2005
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December 11, 2006
Yang Wen Shin
Yang Wen Shin
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