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Provide an electric pressing machine equipped with the frame 4, the sliding part 5 installed to slide with respect to 6 pairs of columns 3 of upper mold, the link mechanism with the roller helix shaft 19 as the intermediate driving part for AC servo motor 9 to proceed clockwise rotation and counter-clockwise rotation, making the sliding part 5 to move up and down, the stepless speed variator 10 installed between the AC servo motor 9 and the roller helix shaft 19 in the electric processing machine with lower mold 22, the pulse number mark capable of measuring the position of the upper mold 6 and the control device 25 making the AC servo motor 9 become torque attached mode when the upper mold 6 presses the object to be processed 24 on the lower mode 22 during pressing period in accordance with the position signal measured by the pulse number mark 23 and making the upper mold 6 rapidly descend and ascend by virtue of the stepless speed variator 10 during the period other than the pressing state.

Electric pressing machine
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February 2, 2004
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May 21, 2005
Unno Keizo
Futamura Shoji
Hoden Seimitsu Kako Kenkyusho
B30B 015/20